Have you just prayed to receive the Lord Jesus? This page is for you.

“But as many as received Him, to them He gave the authority to become children of God, to those who believe into His name.”—John 1:12

If you’ve just prayed to receive the Lord Jesus Christ, you are now a saved person. God has forgiven you of all your sins and has saved you from eternal perdition. Not only that, you are born again with the life of God and are now His child. This page has some good things for you to know as you begin your life as a child of God.

Jesus now lives inside of you

When you prayed to receive the Lord Jesus, He immediately came to live inside of you, in your spirit. Now He is with you all time.

You are saved forever

When Jesus came to live in you, you received a new life, God’s life. Much as a child is born of its parents’ human life, you were born of God’s divine life and are His child. No matter what happens, you can never lose this life. Whether you feel happy or sad, whether you’re a good child or a disobedient one, you are and will always be God’s child.

Contact the Lord anytime, anywhere

You can talk to the Lord Jesus about anything at any time—about what you’re thinking or feeling; about a decision you’re making, big or small; about anything at all. This is prayer. You can also thank Him, praise Him, sing to Him, confess to Him, and call on His name. You don’t have to be in a special place or building to pray to the Lord; you can talk directly to Him anywhere.

The Bible is your food

The Bible is different from any other book. It’s God’s speaking, breathed out by God and written down by men. It teaches us many things about God, Christ, and the Christian life. But even more than that, the Bible tells us it’s “guileless milk” for our nourishment, and it’s as “sweet as honey” to our taste. One of the best practices you can pick up as a new believer is to read a little bit of the Bible every day. Begin at Matthew, the first book of the New Testament, and read book after book. Reading a chapter or even half a chapter every day is an excellent way to start to be nourished by God’s Word.

Being with other Christians

When you were born of God, you weren’t born as an only child. You became a member of the household of God, and you now have countless brothers and sisters in Christ! As brothers and sisters in Christ, we love and build up one another. When we gather in a home, a coffee shop, a park—wherever—we can enjoy the sweet fellowship available to members of the same family. We believers are also referred to in the Bible as the Body of Christ, the house of God, and the church.


When we were born again, we also became members of the Body of Christ, the church. In the Bible, the church doesn’t refer to a particular building or place. It refers to a group of people—the believers in Christ. All the children of God throughout all time and space together make up the church. God wants His children to grow in Christ and be built up together as the church for His expression on earth today.

Resources for You

Bibles for Australia is a nonprofit Christian organisation that wants to see believers grow in their faith and know God in a deeper way. To this end, our free resources below are available to anyone who would like to use them. Take a look, try them out, and enjoy!

Free study Bible

Bibles for Australia gives away a study version of the New Testament. With this Bible, you can choose to read the text of the Scriptures alone, or you can use the accompanying study features to deepen your understanding of the Word.

Order a free New Testament study Bible.

Free Christian e-books

We also give away free Christian e-books by two authors that focus on providing believers the spiritual nourishment they need to grow in their Christian lives. Take a look at the titles we offer and download one, some, or all!

Download free Christian e-books.

Get connected

If you’d like to get in touch with other Christians who use Bibles for Australia materials, email us at biblesfo[email protected] and we’ll do our best to get you connected.

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