Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the New Testament Recovery Version different from other versions?

Bibles for Australia chose to distribute the Recovery Version because of its accurate, modern English translation and because it contains a wealth of useful learning aids that is very easy to use. It contains outlines, footnotes, cross-references, charts and maps, which are outstanding in the way they help the reader to understand the Bible. We think it’s better than any version available today.

2. Why is it called the “Recovery Version”?

Each Bible translation has its own name, e.g. “King James Version,” or “New International Version.” The “Recovery Version” is simply the name of this translation.

3. What does the word “recovery” mean?

The use of the word “recovery” does not refer to a person’s recovery from alcoholism or other substance abuse. It refers to the regaining of the lost matters of biblical truth, Christian experience, and church practice. Over time, many biblical truths have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, misapplied, or missed completely because of the influences of history, tradition and even religion. However, particularly since Martin Luther’s time, God has been working to recover these truths. This recovery by God has steadily progressed, affording His people a greater understanding of the divine revelation. Now for the first time these recovered truths are brought together in a unique study Bible-the Recovery Version.

4. Why didn’t you include the Old Testament?

For our gift offer we’ve chosen to give away only the New Testament. Anyone wanting a copy of the entire Recovery Version Bible may buy one through the publisher, Living Stream Ministry, through a Christian bookstore, or on the Internet at

5. What church is Bibles for Australia affiliated with?

Bibles for Australia is an independent, nonprofit Christian organisation and is not part of any church. To best fulfill our mission of distributing free copies of the Bible and helping people understand it, we stress with all our distributors and volunteers that there must be no proselytising associated with Bibles for Australia.

6. How is Bibles for Australia supported financially?

Bibles for Australia is funded by the donations of individuals and churches. However, to best fulfill our mission, we allow no organisational or financial ties and accept only “no strings attached” contributions.

7. How long does it take for someone to get their free New Testament?

It usually takes four to six weeks from the time they place an order.

8. Who is the publisher of the New Testament Recovery Version?

The publisher is Living Stream Ministry in Anaheim, California.

9. When was it published?

The New Testament Recovery Version was first published in 1985 and later revised in 1991. The Recovery Version Bible (text only) was published in 1999.

10. Who translated the New Testament Recovery Version?

The editorial section of the Living Stream Ministry translated it.

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