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To understand a book, it really helps to know what the subject of the book is and to have an overview of the whole book. The New Testament Recovery Version provides both a subject and an outline for every book. These give you the spiritual meaning in each book.


The subject of each of the twenty-seven New Testament books is succinctly stated on the first page of the book. The subject statement helps you understand what the book as a whole is about.

For example, maybe you’ve wondered what the book of Philippians is about? You can get help by reading the subject statement for Philippians:

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Experiencing Christ—Taking Christ as Our Living, Pattern, Goal, Power, and Secret


An outline at the beginning of each book presents an in-depth overview of the entire book, delineating the major sections of the book. These outlines give you a bird’s-eye view of every book.

For example, the outline for Philippians gives us a bird’s-eye view of the book by outlining the six major sections of the book:

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Each of these major sections also includes detailed sub points.

Besides appearing at the beginning of each book, the outlines also appear within the text of the book, so you’re never far away from seeing which section you’re in.

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