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The Recovery Version

Watch an introductory video to the Recovery Version New Testament, produced by Bibles for America.

The Recovery Version New Testament – helping you to know God and to understand His word.

The study New Testament makes understanding God’s word so much easier as it use English is that direct, clear and to the point. It has extensive footnotes (more than 9000) that enlightens as well as nourishes. For example the footnote to John 3:16 on the word “believing” explains “Believing into the Lord is not the same as believing Him. To believe Him is to believe that He is true and real, but to believe into Him is to receive Him and be united with Him as one. The former is to acknowledge a fact objectively; the latter is to receive a life subjectively.”

This study New Testament is also accurate and true to the meaning of the original Greek text. Those who worked on this translation have spend much time studying the meaning of the original Greek text.

It also bring us to understand each book in Bibles and how it is related to God’s purpose with the subject of each book, an introduction and an outline. This provides an overview of the 26 books in the New Testament.

It also has maps showing the locations of the various cities referred to in the Bible as well as charts showing for example, “the coming of Christ” – and how this is related to various events, and “God’s New Testament Economy”.

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