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Free Bible Order

Yes, please send me a copy of the Recovery Version New Testament as soon as possible.

I understand though often it takes only 2 weeks sometimes, it may take up to 6 weeks to arrive and that your offer is restricted to one copy per household.

I also understand that you will also be sending me the following free Christian books and resources a month after I receive this study bible. These are:

  • “Basic Elements of the Christian Life, volume 1. This consist of five chapters which give a solid foundation in living a normal Christian life. The first chapter is on God’s plan of salvation and the purpose of our human life, the last is on the key for us to experience our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • “Using the Recovery Version New Testament” – this guild help to made full use of the resource in this study bible and gives a list of topics for us to study.
  • A two year bible reading schedule.
  • A bookmark.
  • A request form for the next series of free Christian books.


I also understand that it will be send only within Australia. For request in other countries:



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