Bibles for Australia

Helping you to know and experience God through His word.

About Us

We love our Lord Jesus Christ and we love His word – the Bible. We also love those whom He love – people. We have been helped and nourished by the Recovery Version New Testament and desire that many in Australia would also have to opportunity to enjoy what we are enjoying.

In 2005, following what our fellow believers in the United States have began as Bibles for America, we started giving this study bible and Christian books by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

Bibles given out
So far, we have given out more than 22,000 copies of this study bible throughout all the states and territories of Australia – directly to families as well as students in many campuses. We have given out tracts and advertised on the internet. We also have many people who know of us through the recommendations of their friends.

Looking forward
Our goal is that every household in Australia would have an opportunity to receive this study bible.

We are all volunteers and it is a joy for us to hear from many who have enjoyed and been helped to know our Lord and to understand His word. We are happy to hear from you. Please tell your friends so that they too will come to know God and understand His word.


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